The Santee Cooper Geographic Information Systems Laboratory (SCGIS) is a center for excellence in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing at the College of Charleston / University of Charleston .

The Santee Cooper GIS Laboratory is available to members of the College/University of Charleston community. The laboratory supports undergraduate, graduate and faculty teaching and research at the college. The laboratory currently supports the activities of nearly 40 affiliated faculty researchers and over 35 student researchers. Each semester courses are offered in GIS, remote sensing, for geologic, geophysical, or environmental modeling at both the undergraduate and graduate level, directly impacting over 120 students this past year in the lab classroom setting.

Undergraduate and graduate courses in GIS and Remote Sensing have been taught to a broad range of students in disciplines ranging from Geology, Biology, Marine Biology, Geography, Public Administration, Archeology, Architecture, Community Planning, Business, Policy, Epidemiology, Risk Assessment, Geo-Informatics and more. In addition, several presentations for other undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses have also been hosted in the “smart lab” as well as a variety of Master’s Thesis and Internship defenses for the University of Charleston’s Master’s of Environmental Studies (MES) program.